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The Card of the Day is Attachment from the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.

Affirmation: I release attachment and choose peace. I am strong, free, and able to choose what honors me.

In the upright position, this card reveals that your passage forward is being stopped by strong attachments to old patterns or people from the past. The chain at your waist is bolted to fear from the past or desperation about the future. Although you may wear the mask of pretense of even contentment, you simply can’t seem to go forward.

The stuff that’s keeping you stuck could be physical addictions, emotional patterns, or even old relationships. Are you living in fear; addicted to old, unhealthy habits; or so desperate about the future that you can’t be happy now? If so, the chains that bind you could be of your own making. This card is telling you that it’s time to take the action you need to break out of your chains and move forward to an open, free, healthy, and authentically happy life. It make take some courage and effort to let go, but know that you are capable of doing it. Until you do, the difficult energy will repeat itself, keeping you stuck.

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